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In comparison, direct buried cable laying and shallow groove laying are economic laying methods. Direct buried cable is the most economical and widely used way of laying electricity, which is used in suburbs and places where vehicle traffic is not very frequent. But it is not conducive to the maintenance and repair of the cable, one Dan cable fault, even if the use of the tester measured fault obstacle point, also have to re-dig the cable trench, very inconvenient. Therefore, the choice of cable laying method should be determined according to the actual situation, engineering conditions, cable type and quantity and other factors, from the perspective of development, in accordance with the requirements of satisfying the reliability of operation, facilitating maintenance and the principles of technical economy and rationality

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    Operating experience shows that, low-voltage power cable fault among most of cable connector and terminal head, while the middle connector and terminal head failure is mostly due to poor sealing, moisture intrusion caused insulation strength decreased, while medium and low voltage power cable network, power is supplied by dendritic cable terminal number is more, so the good cable terminal head and middle joint leak tight to start is one of the important measures to ensure safe and reliable operation of the cable of one

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